Halloween Detox


I will be the first to admit, I effing love candy. I love it so much. And the thought of giving it up is scarier to me than the scariest elements of what Halloween is supposed to be about, (evil clowns, mostly).
Pro tip: visit a drugstore or grocery store the day after Halloween and you’ll discover a world of joy. They’re practically giving it away!… But that’s not what we’re here to talk about, dammit.

After Halloween, we’re getting kind of used to a couple mini-chocolate bars a day, or maybe you just ate a bag of them all in one day, either way sugar has likely become a habit. It’s also getting darker earlier and colder outside if you’re in Canada like me. This makes it way more appealing to just hibernate and snuggle up with a bag of sugar and Netflix, just not moving at all.

However you frightened your body this Halloween and rejected candy-sale-aftermath, here are a few tips to help you get back on track.

1. Water water everywhere: You’ve heard this before. Definitely make amping up your water consumption a priority. It will help re-hydrate you and flush out toxins from too much sugar, booze, and my favourite – sugary booze. You’ll have more energy too. It’s just a good idea.

2. Get more shut-eye: Whether from partying or just not eating right, exhaustion can sneak up on you. Making sure you’re getting a decent 8 hours of sleep actually help undo damage. Eating the right foods will help too. There are certain foods that help to fight fatigue like:

  • Those high in magnesium
  • Inulin (found in stuff like oatmeal and energy bars)
  • Whole grain carbs to help keep your mood in check
  • Lean proteins like fish (I’ll post some healthy fish recipes soon!)
  • Dark chocolate – yes.. chocolate. Just a little bit! Gotta be dark, though
  • And finally, citrus fruits. Just the scent of them can help perk you up. When life gives you lemons, sniff em.

3. Get moving: I believe that you truly can “sweat it out”.  Whatever your “it” may be, to a certain extent at least. A good workout revs up your metabolism which will give you more energy. If your energy levels are too low to go hard at the gym, you could always try some detoxifying yoga.

4. Break the habit: The more sugar you eat, the more you’ll want. And I’m not just talking about candy and cookies, refined carbs count, too. According to Jackie Warner, super awesome trainer, it only takes 5 days to break a sugar habit. You can make this slightly easier on yourself by just removing the temptation from your fridge/cupboards, and replacing them with fruits.

Good luck, and good day.


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