Eating Organic is Super Easy Now


When we first started trying to buy more local and organic produce it was a little bit frustrating. Not all grocery stores have a wide selection of local and organic, and when they do, it’s not always the stuff you’re looking for. But now there are delivery services that make those decisions so much easier, further encouraging that wonderful fine balance between laziness and healthiness.

A few months ago I signed up for Mama Earth, now once a week I come home to this sitting on my doorstep.


See what they did there

Inside is a whole bunch of the freshest fruits and vegetables. You know they’re the freshest because they’ve actually from Ontario instead of overseas. They even include recipes that correspond with the specific produce in that week’s box.


This service is also awesome because it can force you to try new things you might not normally try. I have never purchased a squash from the grocery store before, but when one shows up my doorstep, might as well try it. I ended up making Moroccan-Style Stuffed Acorn Squash, and it’s my new fave.

What’s also awesome about Mama Earth is that they let you have total control. You start with a base box, but are free to make alterations to your box each week, replacing certain items with stuff you might like more. And it goes beyond just fruits and veggies. They’re essentially an online grocery store of healthy foods, with options to add snacks, spreads, cereals and more onto your order with a bit of extra cost.

Not just about veggies

I couldn’t recommend them more! And I say this from an un-sponsored, completely unbiased point of view. They are just the service I choose to use, and they’ve made eating local and organic so much easier. Check them out!


There are others like them as well, you can also check out:

Front Door Organics (Toronto)
Green Earth Organics
LoveGan (includes meats)
Wheelbarrow Farm (includes meat)
Zephyr Organics


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